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Used******Orange Battle Box with or without cart


I have a custom Battle Box for sale. Please read the full description! This is a model we sold back in 2013 as the "Cold Smoker" This unit is essentially a Battle Box with double heat diverters. The unit didn't originally come with a water pan but you can place a cooking rack on the welded in heat diverter and run it that way or cook dry. The unit also has one of our heavy duty removable heat diverters too. This unit comes with 4 Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Racks, ha...s no thermometer installed but a thermo plug is in there. It has a Stainless Steel top. The unit does not have any daisy wheels and only has a 3/4" intake so it is designed to run with a PID system. The cooker originally was $1765 back then with 4" feet and we are selling this unit for $949.00 WITHOUT THE CART IN THE PICTURES. The cart set up is available with 8" casters and the stainless steel shelf for $400 with this cooker so purchase it complete as pictured for $1,349.00. 


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