Chicken Wing Hanger

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This Hanger will fit any rod that is 3/8" diameter or smaller.  Use it a Humphrey's Smoker with wire rod racks, Heavy Duty stainless rod racks, or our sausage hanging racks.  (it will not work with expanded metal racks)


Small:  This will the Saturday and Weekender models  9" long

Medium:  This will fit in the Battle Box or larger models  13-1/2"

Large:  This will fit in the Pint, Long Weekender or larger models  16-1/2"

You can also use these in any other manufacturers models such as drums, Backwoods Smokers, Pitmaker, Stumps, Myron, etc.  Just check the length to make sure it will fit in your smoker.

Other things to use this for,  Chicken quarters, Lemons (great to add to fish), peaches, apples, peppers, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, garlic bulbs, hotdogs, sausages, etc!